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Next Sales Event: August 23-29

OKC State Fair Park

What's a JBF Consignor?
A JBF Consignor is simply a mom (or dad) like you!  If you look around your house and see toys, clothes, and equipment with lots of life left in them, it's time to get involved with JBF! Turn those outgrown items into money for your family.  Click on the "Sell" tab above for all the details...

If you aren't ready to be a consignor we would LOVE to have you join us as a shopper--or volunteer to SHOP extra early!

LOG IN at the top of the page to get started

  1. If you are on the mailing list and your info is not found, we may not have a current email for you. Please email Kathy@jbfsale.com, with your name, address and email, and we'll update your info.
  2. If you have never attended a JBF sale, use the "sign up now" link to create an account.

Great ways to participate!

SELL~your gently loved items and make some cash!

SHOP~and find bargains up to 90% off retail!

VOLUNTEER~to get first dibs on the best items!

Printable Information

Everything you need to print for our event!

Can't wait to see YOU at our next Event!

Directions: Need a Map?

State Fair Park
3212 Wichita Walk
Oklahoma City, OK 73107

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A Peek at the OKC Sale